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In this guide we will walk you quickly through everything you need to know about identifying the specific online adverting goals you are looking to achieve with your online Pay Per Click advertising. And How to track these online advertising goals accordingly ? We are going to choose Google AdWords Platform here. The same things can go with other PPC platforms.


Online Advertising Goals and best Data to track.

online advertising goals - ppc success centerEach business is different from other businesses from several angles. This is what makes your products and services unique to your customer. If you come to advertise your business online, it is important to keep in mind the fact that you should clearly identify what are you willing to achieve from advertising online and prioritizing these online advertising goals.

In this way, you are in your way to make smart decisions on the management of your campaigns based on those goals. Identifying online advertising goals and tracking them accordingly will lead you definitely to have big success in terms of performance and results.

Now, I would like to ask you this question. What are your online advertising goals ? Is it to raise Brand Awareness ? Is your online advertising goal increase web traffic to your website ? Is it to increase Return on Investment(ROI), sales or conversion ?


1- Let’s assume your online advertising goal is to raise brand awareness

Brand awareness is among the most known online advertising goals. Building awareness of your business and its products is the main aim for a branding campaign here. Within this scope, you are indeed aiming to generate a situation where your customers will be interacting with your brand through a wide range of ways such as consuming your videos, trying out your games or even communication with other customers.

This is best way to promote or to create buzz for new product or model.

What data to rely on with this brand-engagement goal in mind:

    a- Boost customer engagement

if impressions explain how many people have seen your ad, customers interactions represent how well they do interact with your product, service or cause . A click on your ad means engagement. Also, opening and watching a video through your ad is considered a customer engagement.

    b- Enhance impression

This defines that your main reason is to raise awareness and visibility for company. Increasing traffic and encouraging your visitors to find and interact with you are among your online advertising goals. In this point, you have to dig deeply in ways to attract impressions to magnify brand loyalty and motivating your visitors more and more.

Save your precious time by looking on factors as CTR on Search Networks campaigns, and by looking on conversions for Display Campaigns to know how are your engagement efforts doing. Also data from Reach and Frequency report numbers can show you how you are performing with raise awareness goal in mind.


2- Are you looking to increase ROI?

Here your online advertising goal is to see how much are you making profits compared to your advertising expenses. Having the equations of profits and costs will lead you definitely to invest more or less efforts on what is working good and what is not.

The way to track return on investment comes from measuring conversions first. Once that step has done, you can go ahead and evaluate ROI.


3- Does your online advertising goal is to increase sales or conversions?

Ecommerce website is a good representation for this goal here. With this goal on mind, you are going to create campaigns that will focus on increasing sales and conversions through selling your products heavily.

In such campaigns, the right data that should be focus on and tracked are

     a- Maximizing conversion

In digital marketing, a conversion is counted when a click from your ad leads to anything seen valuable on your website. Sign-ups, purchases, downloads are some matches of conversions here.

Taking actions on tracking conversion data and optimizing campaigns according to the collected data is a crucial step to increase sales and conversion.

     b- Directing to appropriate Destination URLs:

Among best practice in online advertising goals is to direct a customer from your ad to land on the correct page where he or sheonline advertising goals in business can buy from you the specific s desired product without wandering around. Save both your time and hers alike.

In this way, you will be remembered and your ad enhances user-experience. The ending is happy you and happy the promoter who will start to promote your products instead of you- without cost!

So choose and track the relevant destination URLs when you have goal of increasing sales .Also, it is important to look into the performance of Clicks, click through rate, keyword performance and search terms.

A good CTR is the one of 1% and higher . As for Keyword quality score, anything keyword scoring above 5 is performing well. Use Search Terms reports to know how your visitors find you. Add new relevant ones as keywords and don’t forget to move irrelevant search terms to negative keywords.

That is all about identifying and tracking online advertising goals!  As you see, setting online advertising goals are important as it will lead you easily to both set the right campaigns with the right targeting settings in order to engage nicely with the right customers in their buying journey and to measure and track your performance or success correctly.

I hope this article about online advertising goals gives you a visualization and an understanding of the most important goals on online advertising and best ways to track each one of them.

Thank you and Good Luck !!

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