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In this post I will be talking about Google Ad Grants for nonprofits and its benefits. Also, we will walk through the requirements to obtain Google Ad Grants with some countries as an example and how to avoid entering your billing information. We will be finishing our Google Ad Grants post with how to maintain worthiness for the Google Ad Grants.


So let’s jump in !


Google Ad Grants Explained ? 

adwords for nonprofitsGoogle Ad Grants is simply a $10.000 USD per month free advertising on Google AdWords, which is Google online advertising platform.  If you have a nonprofit organization that  promotes missions or a cause or in other words your organization is NGO, you are most likely to be entitled to enjoy this generous Google Ad Grants.

Google Ad Grants give NGOs and nonprofits alike the opportunity to showcase and advertise their missions, cause or services on Google AdWords without any cost. This Google program is intended basically to assist Google Ads Grants recipients to deliver their nonprofit organization messages to the global viewers  in attempt to make a great impact on the world.

As far as managing and building AdWords account is concerned, Google Ad Grants make you wear almost the same shoes to those paying advertises. However, Google Ad Grants recipients can advertise on AdWords with the following limitations:

1-  Your Google Ad Grants account will be receiving $10.000 USD per month which means that a daily budget limit must be set to $329 USD. ( can not exceed $329 USD)

2- You are eligible only to run text ads on Google Search. (No for Google Display Network, no image ads, no video ads )

3- You are eligible only to make keyword-targeted campaigns. ( No for Placements or Topics targeting)

4- You are limited by a maximum CPC of $2.00 USD. ( can not exceed 2 dollar Cost Per Click)


Google Ad Grants Requirements:

We talked above about what does mean Google Ad Grants and the great advantages that can benefits your nonprofits. Google Ad Grants is tested to be a great medium to boost visibility and maximize your incoming traffic google ad grants for nonprofitswhich means more and more donations. Surely that will take your non-profits to next levels.

Let’s now talk about what you should have to apply for this program. Google Ad Grants have set some requirements for nonprofits to be eligible to gain $10.000 USD free advertising on Google Search. If you have a nonprofit organization, you must provide:

1- A current and valid charity status as per your country.

2- Acknowledgement and agreement to Google Grant’ required certifications concerning non-discrimination and donation receipt and use.

3- A functioning website with relevant and good amount of content about your nonprofit organization.


Countries Charity Status and Eligibility:

So far, Google Ad Grants is not for every country. There are only certain countries that are eligible to get this grant. By this time, there are 41 countries on the list. Google is stating that the list will be increasing.

To name some countries that is eligible to apply for Google Ad Grants are Egypt, Romania, Hungary, Germany, U.S.A, UK, South Africa. Find here the full list of eligible countries that can apply for Google Ad Grants.

If your are lucky and the country of your nonprofit organization is in the list, it is the time now to look for the Charity Status from the responsible entity in the governmental sector of your home country.

As example, Egypt Google Ad grant applicant must be based in Egypt and registered with the ministry of Social Solidarity as a NGO under the Non-Governmental and Not for Profits Organizations Law No. 84 of 2002.

Another example to add, US NGOs or nonprofits organizations must hold current 501(c)(3) status to be eligible for Ad grant consideration. This can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service. Note, the tax status must be updated in the online database in the first place. Google is not accepting copies of IRS letters due to insufficiency.


No credit card required

If you are a grantee for this reward, you do not have to enter your credit card into Google AdWords platform even if you are promoted to do so. It is because not to end with the scenario paying the advertising bill from your hard earned money.

Be aware that Google will not refund any dollar if you enter your billing information into Google AdWords. You will be the only one to be blamed!

Simply, ignore any requests for inserting your billing information when creating AdWords account. Or you can follow click this link to skip the billing step. Remember also to use USD currency for your account and do not activate Display Network, Display Bids, Managed Placement Bids and automatic Bidding.


Maintaining eligibility for Google Ad Grants:

Here it comes the main challenge for nonprofits organizations as how to effectively distribute this generous 10.000 per month ads. Bear in mind, if you manage well this program so well you will have big chances to apply for another 30.000 dollar (Grantspro $40.000USD).adwords for nonprofits-ppc success center

Keep this most important points in mind to keep your Grant:

  • To maintain worthiness for the program, you are required to actively manage your AdWords account by logging in monthly. Not doing that, your account will be suspended without prior notice.
  • Your ads, keywords and other creative must reflect the nature of your organization.
  • No commercial advertising is permitted.
  • Ads must be linked to only one nonprofit website URL
  • Your organization website can not display Google AdSense.

Google warns if any of the rules violated, ad grantee is subject to be removed from the program. Google also has all the reserved rights to accept or reject any application.


I hope this post shed some light about Google Ad Grants program and assist you understand the program for what is and its advantages for your organization. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Be smart!

We will be glad to help you in the process if you need any help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you and good luck in applying for your Google Ad Grants.

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4 thoughts on “Google Ad Grants: What is and How to ?

  • Francis Mutambuka

    Dear Sir,
    Empowerment of Sustainable Communities (ESCOMM) is Ugandan local registered NGO and in need of your google ad grant.

    When will Uganda be added on beneficiaries list?


    Francis Mutambuka

    • Omar Belkadi Post author

      Dear Mr. Francis Mutambuka,

      Thank you for the comment. I hope if granting issuance is on my hands. You would be already granted!! The truth is I wrote already to Google Ad Grants team to put in their list more countries from Africa. Africa needs the most attention from any other countries in the world. Unfortunately so far, only almost two African Countries are eligible to apply $10.000 USD free advertising: South Africa and Egypt.

      To have your voice heard to Google Ad Grant team, you can write them. Pushing them to include your country is highly recommended. Best practice here if there are many NGOs there. You can altogether write them for Google to take action to have better results.

      You may obtain their email from here If you just think you need little help please don t hesitate to write me.

      Omar Belkadi