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Google Dynamic Remarketing has been put for service to ”remind” visitors who have visited your website with the products that engaged with previously . Google Dynamic remarking can act like a sales person in the sense it is trying its best to convince shoppers to buy the shop products and items.

In this post, we are going to disclose the motives to consider Google Dynamic Remarketing for your profit-driven marketing strategy. But before we start over discussing the 5 Motives to consider Google Dynamic Remarketing , we should note the difference between standard Google remarketing and Google Dynamic Remarketing.


  Standard Remarketing vs Google Dynamic Remarketing:

Remarketing –also called retargeting– is done with a basic and simple way in Adwords to re-market your products to those visitors who have recently abandoned your website. In other words,  standard remarketing in Google Adwords comes in to show ads to shoppers who leave your website or app without buying anything.  It is way to help bringing those visitors back by showing relevant ads as they surf the web or mobile apps.

On other hand, on October 01, 2014 Google Dynamic Remarketing has been announced to be rolled out as a new feature or tool in Adwords to the public. Unlike standard remarketing, Dynamic Remarketing needs a little more work to set up. For example, it uses custom parameters and a feed that contains your business products and services details to show ads dynamically. It is an advanced tool that tend to deliver customized, higher-performance ads.

Motives to count Google Dynamic Remarketing


  5 Motives to consider Google Dynamic Remarketing:

Many advertisers count on remarketing to generate sales, drive direct respond and enhance brand awareness. Therefore, it can be an assisting arm to enjoy a sweet profit-driven Adwords Campaign. In more details, here why you should consider strategicly  Google Dynamic Remarketing in your advertising plan.

 1– Out-reach capability:

I believe, out-reach capability comes as the first main motive of the 5 motives to consider Google Dynamic Remarketing for the successful of your marketing efforts. With Google Dynamic Remarketing, advertisers or users can take advantage of lucrative reach that Display Network offer: over 2 million websites and mobile apps. Indeed, a powerful but a massive network that leads you find your customers as they browser the net.

 2– You are in Control:

Google Dynamic Remarketing enables you to have control over the visibility of where your ads are placed, their performance and their fees.

 3– Dynamic Feeds:

Creating a .csv, .tsv, .xls, or .xlsx feed can be of great important to boost your lead conversion. The time you set up products feeds, Adwords algorithm can use them dynimcally to show ad to your shoppers who already visited the business website.

 4– Real-time bid optimization:

With Google Dynamic Remarketing you can enjoy some peace of mind. This tool uses both Enhanced CPC and Conversion Optimizer to calculate the optimal bid for each impression. Ultimatly, it helps you win the ad auction with best price.

 5– Easy and simple to create ads:

With Ad gallery layouts, you can invent various text, image, and video dynamic ads that can be paired with the feed. In this way, you are in your way to produce high-performance layouts that can drive conversions, sales and ROI.

That’s all about 5 Motives to consider Google Dynamic Remarketing . If you want to set up Dynamic remarketing for your Adwords account, please visit this link.

I do hope you found this article — of 5 Motives to consider Google Dynamic Remarketing– so helpful. What do you think about Google Dynamic Remarketing? Did I miss any motives? You are most welcome to share your point of view in the comments section below.

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