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It seems there is a fierce attention upon improving mobile websites visibility, usage, optimization and algorithms on search engines. Google has been already putting steps toward those goals and wants other to adopt the changes. Already we have seen a new tool that has been added to Google Webmaster Tools — called Mobile Usability: designed to identify mobile usability issues in your webpages .

As from today, Mobile-Friendly websites are getting more love from Google . A “mobile-friendly” label has been put for those websites that are optimized for mobile in Google mobile search results. It has been seen like a reward for those who successfully crafted a great user-friendly mobile website!

mobile friendly websites

This is how mobile-friendly websites look like on Google Mobile Search Results.

This is another step forward to promote the company code that is based on cultivating good user experience in general and mobile user experience in particular. More than that, the search engine giant is calling out:  ” Let’s go mobile” in attempt to see in future more mobile-friendly websites.

Indeed, it is a clear message to webmasters and business owners to double think about creating mobile websites for their users if they want to end the frustrating experience for mobile searchers.

It is a truly frustrated situation when one conducts a search on a mobile phone to end up finding herself or himself:

looking at a page where the text was too small, the links were tiny, and you had to scroll sideways to see all the content ” a quote by Google.


Mobile-Friendly Websites Eligibility

To be eligible to have the label “mobile-friendly” for your website on Google mobile search, your site should meet some criteria or a set of rules by Googlebot:

— Do not use uncommonly used software on mobile. (Flash as an example)

— Use readable text

— Make sure you fit the content to cater the small screen

— Links should be put apart for each other to be taped easily on mobiles.

mobile friendly websites


Google has prepared for this sake some helpful tools and materials. Google Developers (for mobile sites)  is an excellent place to go if you are seeking a mobile-friendly website. It is a place with a wide range of information that can enable you to generate a great site for the mobile visitors.

For example, you can have a look on how to customize your website software (for users of CMS like WordPress), how to implement mobile SEO best practices (to avoid common errors), and a tool to check if your website is mobile-friendly or not. Just past your website URL to analyze it. You will get a result and some recommendation in a couple of seconds.



I guess mobile-friendly websites are going to have more love and attention with the coming days (in algorithms as example). Mobiles market is evolving so dramatically and for that also will search engines, website designers, marketers and webmasters. The motive of the growing use of mobile phones –that are generating more sales and ROI– will make this industry more innovative and competitive.

What do you think about this update? Do you have an optimized website for mobiles? If you have any comments please share it down on the comment section. Do not hesitate to subscribe to receive marketing update.


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4 thoughts on “Mobile-Friendly Websites Getting More Love from Google.

  • Billiga Mobiltelefoner

    Mobile-friendly websites are a necessity today. If not, you’ll lose significant visibility and traffic that would have otherwise come via mobile phones. In that sense, your post is very useful for website owners who want to make their site mobile-friendly. Thanks a lot, Omar!

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    Yes that is correct. That is why new website must adapt a responsive layouts in their website. And thanks for sharing mobile optimizing tool it is really awesome.