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Let’s be honest! Who does not like high performance feature? Humans tend to show appreciations to the good performance almost in every field. For example, if you are a car owner, you should be loving your car when it is performing well in terms of power and speed. Similarly, searchers and major search engines out there –especially Google– likes the well performing websites in regards to the performance of pages speed.

In this post, I will be listing some useful tools to use to know how well the speed of your pages are performing. Remember, website speed matters a lot not only to keep your visitors happy and engaged but also to improve your ranking in search results.

It worths saying that Page Loading Speed is within the list of Google 200 Ranking factors. Bots like Google-bot are so good in estimating the speed of your site. The giant search engine stresses that on the net speed is the key!

High performance web sites lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversions.


Credits: Google

The speed family tools listed here will help you to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your website. Therefore, you can optimize and identify the performance metrics of your pages. So, let’s jump in to check them out.


 5 Tools to test your website speed performance


1- Google PageSpeed Insights:


PageSpeed Insights is a very powerful tool. You can use this tool to measure the performance on both mobile website pages and desktop website pages. I consider Google PageSpeed a user-friendly tool as it is based on a score ranges from 0 to 100. More your website performance scored, the best results you can get and at the same time less issues to consider fixing.

The time you put your website for a speed performance check on this tool, the system scans your site on the fly. And voila, you are able to see now the blood analysis of your website!  A a colored score with a number is being displayed to reflect the status (Good, medium or bad) of the site speed on both devices. Based on that, Google PageSpeed suggests you a number of issues that should be considered to be addressed.

If you want really to deepen your knowledge on how to use this tool and more priceless data, I suggest to visit About PageSpeed Insights.

Tip: It is a free tool


2- GTmetrics:


My second tool if you wish to check the speed performance of any website is GTmetrics. This tool is among my favorite. Although it can take sometimes to analyse your website pages, it allows you to see a a grade-based summary with a Breakdown of your site based on many metrics. GTmetrics utilizes PageSpeed and YSlow when finishes from scanning your website. This adds a great value to this tool as it exhibits speed analysis of the Google Page Speed and Yahoo’s Slow. It worths mentioning here that Google PageSpeed and Yahoo Slow tools use different calculations and rules to count the speed of the webpages.

Tip: It is for free or with payment.

5 Tools to test your website speed performance


3- Dotcom-monitor:


Yet another tool to test the performance of your website is dotcom-monitor. This is your tool if you are looking to analyse the performance in many countries in the world. Just allow the tool to analyse your website for sometimes to check the performance of the site in regards to many metrics. It supplies you with many more comprehensive web performance such as 10% of fastest elements, 10% of slowest elements , easy-to-understand waterfall charts, and a complete breakdown by host element that may include DNS, SSL Connection.

The website speed test results of dotcom-monitor is well designed and easy to navigate.

Tip: It is for free or with payment.


4- Pingdom:


Another powerful tool to measure user experience within your site is Pingdom. The latter allows you to have a detailed data and insights regarding how fast or low is your site. This tool can answer you many burning questions on how your visitors engage with your website or app. For example, you can find answers to such questions:

— Pages on your website that suck?

— Pages that do not serve goals?

— Load time of the website by Country?

And of course many other questions that help to monitor real users. This tool deserves to be taken into consideration when you are trying to investigate the current speed of your business website.

Tip: It is for free or with payment


5- Yslow :


Based on grades, this tool will offer you more than 20 different performance grades. It is a famous plugin or extension that can be downloaded via your browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari etc. Note please that Yslow is based on Yahoo rules that define the high or slow performance of websites. This free tool uses a set of different calculations from Google speedpage.

Tip: It is a free tool

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8 thoughts on “5 Tools to Test Your Website Speed Performance

  • aceclue

    These are awesome tools to check website speed and performance. I took dotcom-monitor as my take home and add to my website speed checker too lists. Thanks for the share.

  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    Thanks for sharing a nice list of website speed test tools. They are really awesome and Pingdom tool is one of the best one to test site wise rank.

  • Eliza Anderson

    Hi Omar,

    There are plenty of tools available on the web for checking website speed, but only few tools provide right information. You have listed really great tools in this post. All these tools are my favorite, but most of the time I used Google PageSpeed Insights. Thanks for sharing with us useful tools with us.

  • kumar

    The website loading is very much important now days. In fact, it is good for reducing your website’s bounce rate as well. For a webmaster it is very important to test their website time to time for the consequences.

    This post is a good collection of the information for the webmasters. Thanks for sharing a quality stuff.


    • Omar Belkadi Post author

      Hey Kumar,

      Thank you for showing up and your comments. You have also great Stuff in your website sharplesson.com/webpage-speed-test

      As a website owner, what is your favorite tool in the list you use mostly?