Google AdWords Cyprus : A Look-back Review

It seems Google Adwords in Cyprus is not yet so well-known to the local community here in Cyprus. Unfortunately that is the truth! I have spotted out a look-back of how Google Adwords Cyprus has trended for 2014 by using some research in Google Trends and other resources. Compared with other small countries like Cyprus, I found that Google Adwords for Cyprus is still a far missed advertising tool by the Cyprus business owners here.

Most possibly, that can be because many Cypriot local businesses do not know exactly :  What is Google AdWords ? What can this marketing model do for them? How can AdWords Cyprus help them get discovered to their local or even international potential clients? How can Google Adwords for Cyprus get them more brand-awareness, conversions, sales and return on investment?

No one can deny the fact that we are living in a digital world. Internet has been recently used in a very large scale. There are a massive increase of users and searchers everyday! Internet users are actively searching for answers to their questions, to fulfill their needs, to find services and more online.

Many marketing experts agree on the fact that traditional marketing methods are kind of dying. With unclear and unmeasurable results, you may find yourself wasting a lot of money for advertising through newspapers, magazines, telephone books, radio, TV, billboards, banner ads. Those are outdated!

It is the era of digital marketing where you target customers behind every desktop or mobile devices. Google AdWords should be within your marketing strategy as it tends to give you the best outcome. So, let’s discuss this platform in the following lines:


Google Adwords Cyprus

What is Google AdWords?

Here is a very good definition of Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising copy at the top, bottom, or beside, the list of search results Google displays for a particular search query. Credits to Wikipedia


Here is a recommended Video:


Google AdWords service is auction-based advertising tool. The system works with bids (how much are willing to pay per click), keywords (queries that your customers are actively searching on the search engine). the combination of good bids and quality score keywords determine the ad position — where your ads are going to be shown on Google page(Ad rank). The following image can explain that more clearly:


Google adwords cyprus

(Image credits to : Wordstream)

So, if you are looking for a powerful online advertising platform to advertise and promote your business services and products in both Google Networks — search and display (check here to know more about Foundation to a successful Adwords campaign), you will find Google Adwords so useful.


Benefits of advertising on Google Adwords

You have already missed a lot if you have a business and you have not advertised your services and promotions online to the public with Adwords. There are some great benefits to make you include Google Adwords into your marketing mix:

1- The power of Google AdWords relies on the massive out reach that can give you. You can advertise on Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Maps, Google Images, Google Groups, and Google Search Partners like AOL, Youtube  as well as a very huge number of websites.

2- Connect with people at the right time, device, location: Google Adwords allows you to reach your personas that are searching for products and services that your company offers with the right locations and timings.

3- You are in control with your budget.  The nature of CPC model is that you pay with how much you think a click worth to your business. It means also you are charged when someone clicks on your ad. With Adwords, there is no minimum spending obligations. You can decide how much or little are you willing to spend monthly.

4- Measurable results. With AdWords built-in reports, you can measure your results to know what is working for you and what is not. You can stop, start, pause and test your ads to edit and improve your ad, and maximize the amount of potential customers.


What you should know about Google AdWords:

Google AdWords is a sophisticated and advanced advertising platform. This advertising tool needs a good amount of knowledge and experience to run a successful and profitable campaigns. As any other tool, it can cost you too much money if you do not know how to use it. The good news, there are many materials that can help you take most of Google AdWords.

Of course, you can do Adwords by yourself. But you may end up losing more than saving. Also it would require a lot from your time to study and manage Google Adwords platform for your business.


A Solution? Hire Us.

At PPC Success Center, we have got the knowledge and experience to set up, manage, audit and optimize your Google Adwords account with many languages like Arabic, French and German. We studied hard Adwords ;and we glued to any innovation and update of its algorithm. We are certified by Google and we have already shown mastery and proficiency in using AdWords. Indeed, we have been working with businesses just like yours! We can transfer the obtained international experience in managing AdWords into great benefits to your local business.

All in all, we are here to help you with AdWords or any paid advertising. In a nutshell, we will support you, save you time and let you focus on other things in your business. Please check here how can we assist you on your local marketing levels or even on international levels.


I hope you found this article so helpful. If you like this post, please share it. And If you have any comments, questions, feedback, please do not hesitate to share your comments below or send us an email.

We wish you ”Happy New Year ”.

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