Trash Can Feature To Recover Data In Google Analytics

A long awaited feature in Google Analytics has come to existence. Indeed, it is a pretty cool tool. Trash Can is the chosen name for the new feature that will be rolling out in the coming days.  It has been a big demand from many GA users to have built in tool to recover data in GA. We are humans and possibility to make errors and mistakes are of high changes. That’s why Trash Can comes in!


Trash Can Feature?

Trash Can in Google Analytics has been introduced to

provide a safety net each time you delete a view, property or account from your Google Analytics account.

quoted from Google Analytics.


Trash Can Feature


Think of Trash Can feature like a backup program to recover your GA data when something wrong accidentally happened. Similarly, you may think of Trash Can like Recycle Bin in your computer desk-top.


Where to find Trash Can?

You will find this new born feature in Administration Tab. You should choose an account, then you can see it under Account >>Trash Can — just below Change History. To get back your  deleted account, view or property to live again, check what you want to revive then click ”Restore”. Congratulations, you have just restored your data back to prior state. A good feelings and big relieve, isn’t it? 🙂


What you should know about Trash Can?

Please keep in mind that you have a limited time to reclaim your missing data inside Trash Can. You have only 35 days. In the case the time frame has passed, your data will be unrecoverable. Period!  The data inside Trash Can will go away forever.



I believe adding this feature in Google Analytics is very good consideration from GA team. For sure, it will contribute to save many lives ( for accounts, views or properties ). Also, Trash Can will help you to have PlanB when there is no PlanA so that you have information to make insight business decisions.


I hope you enjoyed this post about so-called ” Trash Can” in Google Analytics. It is your turn now. What do you think about Trash Can. Do you see Trash Can added a value to your Google Analytics Account? Please share your views and opinions in the comments below. Please do not hesitate to subscribe to our Free Newsletters that focus on marketing updates, tricks and techniques.

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