How to Implement AdRoll SmartPixel Via Google Tag Manager V2

You should have heard of AdRoll if you are operating an online business or working in the marketing field. AdRoll Platform is considered among the top Retargeting platform providers. This remarketing platform is widely used globally.

On the other hand, there is a speedily growing use of Google Tag Manager (called also GTM)– a new way to safely implement Analytics and Advertising tags through a centralized GTM interface.

I really recommend to start using GTM, if you have not used it already. Indeed, there are many advantages to Enjoy!

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Ok, let’s get started now implementing AdRoll SmartPixel Via Google Tag Manager V2;


How to Implement AdRoll SmartPixel Via Google Tag Manager V2?

1- Exploring SmartPixel in AdRoll Dashboard:

First things first, after creating an account with AdRoll, you should be able to see a dashboard. Look for AdRoll JavaScript snippet on your right hand. Upon clicking on the link, the AdRoll tracking code will be exposed like this one :

AdRoll SmartPixel

It is recommended to go through the script at least one time as it includes many valuable information. And surely, reading the code will help you for later steps.


2- Installing AdRoll SmartPixel Via Google Tag Manager V2:

Worry not, with Google Tag Manger, you don’t need to insert all the above code across all pages of your website. Rather, you will need only to grap adroll_adv_id and adroll_pix_id values.

Here comes the beauty of GTM. As you can see, the GTM gets rid of many unnecessary code lines. And it fires the AdRoll Ids only across the pages you specify from GTM UI.(Check how in screenshot below)

Getting rid of many codes either for Marketing or Analytics will free and help your website to load fast and safely!


So to start, log into your Google Tag Manger Account. You will need to create a new Tag.


First step: Click “Tag”. Give it a name. For Example: AdRollSmartPixel.  Choose Product : AdRoll. Then press “Continue”.

Second step: Configure Tag==> You will see Advertisable Id and Pixel Id slots. Returning back to your code only copy and past what is highlighted in the screenshot above accordingly.

Third step: You need to choose where your AdRoll tag will be firing. You have some options there All Pages or some pages etc. In my case, I chose to fire it in All my website pages (All Pages).

Forth step: Don t forget to Save Tag.


AdRoll SmartPixel Via Google Tag Manager V2




3- Checking Tag Status: (Debugging).

Another beauty of GTM is that it gives you ultimate flexibility and debugging capabilities. Now, you should Preview and Debug (a tab on your top right hand) to verify that all things have gone as expected.

When you did that, open your website within the same browser. Then,  you will be able to see something new popping up at the bottom of your website like this:

Tag fired (1)

Check it and when you are completely satisfied with your tag behavior, you should create a new version(you can name it) and then Publish it to be live.

And voila, you are done. Congratulations, you have just created an AdRoll SmartPixel via Google Tag Manager V2.  Isn’t it pretty easy!

Please note: It will take 24 hours for the tag to be detected in AdRoll Dashboard.

Bonus: Make sure to take advantage of Tag Assistant (by Google) extension– a useful and powerful Chrome extension to troubleshot various tags.

Happy Tagging. ☺

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