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Most of us, nowadays , are using maps to get the right directions with minimum troubles when we’re trying to head to a destination. Also, most of times we are using user guides or manuals when we are trying to figure out and to overview how things are working with a certain system, tool, machine […]

Four Main Components of Google Analytics : Collection (part-1)

mobile new look on adwords
Mobile Ads on Google Search getting New Look. By October 15, 2014, Adwords Ads appearing on Google search will have a new look on smartphones. This is what has been confirmed by AdWords Product Manager. This update can be added to many others that have been announced recently. That makes some folks feel harder to keep up with […]

Mobile Ads to get New Look In Adwords

Callouts extension google adwords
On September 03, 2014, Google AdWords printed a birth certificate to a newly born feature named ”Callouts extension”. An update designed to furnish the AdWords platform with another tool to help advertisers market their products and services more efficiently. So what are Callouts? What is this feature for ? how do Callouts work? What you should know about this tool?  Let’s dive in to answer […]

Callouts : a Newly Born Feature in AdWords.

Internet security - https
HTTPS as a ranking signal being confirmed by Google. In a recent post by Google Webmaster Blog, Google has officially announced the inclusion of HTTPS as a ranking signal. This move has been seen both as Google is enforcing its dominance online and as paving the way to a safe and secure usage of surfing the internet. […]

HTTPS to be added as Google ranking signal

Close Variant Matching - Bing Ads
Close Variant matching to be experimented in Bing Ads   Bing Ads seem to have almost the same update with Google AdWords regarding the inclusion of close variant matching. It worth mentioning here that JUST a couple of days ago, Google decided to apply close variants matching for all exact and phrase keywords. Therefore, Google Adwords terminated the option to select ” […]

Bing Ads to Experiment Close Variant Matching

Website Call Conversions has been introduced to AdWords
Digital marketing is evolving so remarkably! Only during this year, Google has injected its advertising platform AdWords – the main financial arm of Google – with many features. On other hands, Google retired too several other tools within AdWords. Recently AdWords Product Manager has announced an update concerning the launch of Website Call Conversions. In this post, we will talk about: […]

Website Call Conversions Has Been Introduced to AdWords

Close variant keyword matching 2
Close Variants Matching to be applied in for all exact and phrase keywords is a recent update by Google that has been added to the several number of updates that Google has been announcing this year for AdWords.   Close Variant Matching for all exact and phrase keywords Based on an update post by the AdWords Product Manager, Jen Huang, Google is going to apply the option […]

Close Variants Matching to Be Applied

Success foundation to a successful adwords camapign- Display Subtypes 1
To run a successful campaign in AdWords is not an easy work nowadays. It can be intimidating. My goal to write this post is to help you make things happen in the correct and smooth way with an outstanding success. If you are looking for a strong foundation for the ultimate success of your AdWords campaign, you […]

Foundation to a Successful AdWords Campaign

in-page analytics report
In-page Analytics report in Google Analytics is regarded a keystone report in today web-analytics. Analytics should be inherent in any kind of work either online or offline. Analytics is considered like the lights on your car that enable you to drive at night safely. In this post, I will be writing about a very efficient report in Google […]

In-page Analytics Report

Tag Management Usage 6
Top tag management solutions post will be discussing tag management system available  for website owners, marketers, and businesses small and big ! This post will briefly include a list of the best tag management system on the market nowadays.  So, if you are already looking for one, this post is right for you! You can save some time […]

Top Tag Management Solutions

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In this post I will be talking about Google Ad Grants for nonprofits and its benefits. Also, we will walk through the requirements to obtain Google Ad Grants with some countries as an example and how to avoid entering your billing information. We will be finishing our Google Ad Grants post with how to maintain worthiness for the […]

Google Ad Grants: What is and How to ?

online advertising goals 2
In this guide we will walk you quickly through everything you need to know about identifying the specific online adverting goals you are looking to achieve with your online Pay Per Click advertising. And How to track these online advertising goals accordingly ? We are going to choose Google AdWords Platform here. The same things […]

Online Advertising Goals & Ways to Track Them