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google ad grant servicesHave you heard about Google Ad Grant? Or Free $10.000 USD or even $40.000 USD Google ads (Grantspro)?  If you do not hear about it and your organizations is NGO or non-profit and existing within eligible countries, you are missing out by now 10.000 free PPC advertising on AdWords per month.


Believe it or not, you can have even $40.000 USD per month free adverting if you take most out of your offered $10.000 USD. We are here to get you started!


Google Ad Grants is seen as a generous program on the net. This is so lucrative and advantageous if used properly.  This poses a challenge of how effectively you are going to spend this 10K free advertisement to fully obtain  what your non-profits organization is trying to achieve.


At PPC Success Center,  we provide you with on-hand experience and expertise you need to set up, optimize and manage your account on regular basis from the start to the finish.
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Services that Add Value for your non-profit organization :

I- Google Ad Grant Approval:

Obtaining this $10.000 USD mission-based ads from Google needs you to be aware of the its requirements, restrictions and terms.

To qualify you, we will speed up the process of getting the Grant for your organization as soon as possible. In particular, we send and follow up with request and we will save you a lot from the whole communication processes with Google stuff in order to get you the approval.

II- Google Ad Grant Approved:

After handling the communication burden for you with people at Google and once you got eligibility to take advantage of this free ads on We get down to work!

We will start building and managing your AdWords Account. We will be able to boost your CTR, clicks, conversions within days and as a result your organization will be in good position to qualify for Google Grantspro ($40.000 USD).

III- Google Ad Grant Analytics & Reports:

There are many reports to look into to see how your performance is doing on many levels. We can track anything on your website to be measurable. This helps to take your nonprofits to next levels. It can be daunting!

We will focus on analyzing reports to optimize accordingly and leave no chance for touching the red lines. We are good at tuning each campaign component such as keywords, ads, ad groups, bids to meet the searchers and engine needs altogether. For increasing online exposure, chances are more visibility, brand awareness and donations.

PPC Success Center is committed to make your non-profit organization speaks the world key languages such as English, Arabic, German, Hungarian, Romania and more.In this way, you will maximize the exposure of your cause to right audience.  Let s make you successful online and qualifying you for Ad Grant and Grantspro.

What are you waiting for ? Call us Now to see how we can help you managing your Google Ad Grants.
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